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​At Kitty Haven, we believe that every cat, regardless of their age, emotional or physical limitations, or behavioral problems, deserve a second chance at a happy and fulfilling life.

At Kitty Haven we provide extraordinary veterinary care, quality food, adoptive homes for the cats that are deemed adoptable, or a place to live their lives in love and comfort.  We are working to end the unnecessary euthanasia killing of abandoned cats, homelessness, and a life on the streets through educational outreach, collaborative partnerships, and through programs in the community.

We only do gentle and humane euthanasia when one of our trusted veterinarian partners determine that the cat is in a state of incurable suffering to relieve them of their incredible pain and suffering.  This is a very difficult and thoughtful decision talked through with our trusted veterinarian partner and is never made to make room for other cats, for negative behaviors, or because a cat's medical needs are expensive or challenging.


If you too believe that all cats deserve a second chance because all cats matter, welcome to Kitty Haven Sanctuary. 

Kitty Haven.  Every cat deserves a second chance because every cat matters.  

Kitty Haven strongly believes that all cats should be spayed and neutered.

Millions of cats are euthanized or abandoned every year because there are simply not enough homes for all of them.  The only way to make a difference of this horrible tragedy is to educate people about the situation.  

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