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Cute Kittens

Story, Mission, Vision

Tasha’s Furry Friends Sanctuary is a home for senior and special needs cats.  It is a place where you can see senior cats resting or special needs cats playing.  There is people laughing and enjoying their time with the cats while hearts and bodies are healed.  Our Founder, Melissa Cowley, had a vision to create a Sanctuary where abandoned, neglected, and abused senior, special needs, or in need cats and kittens can live in safety and love while living in a cage free area until they go on to find their loving furever homes.  We rescue, rehabilitate, and work to find permanent homes for all the healthy cats whose time was up at public shelters, vet clinics, or rescues.

Tasha’s Furry Friends Sanctuary believes that every cat deserves a second chance, because every cat matters.  

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