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Donate Today to Kitty Haven Sanctuary to Give a Second Chance to Cats From Hopeless Situations


Imagine a Sanctuary where the cats are safe, loved, and never have to worry about where their next meal will come from.  You can make that possible today with your generous donation.

Milo was abandoned at a town fair after being severly abused by his owners.  They had kicked him so bad in his hind legs that they had broken one of the legs and it healed crooked and damaged all the tendons and ligaments.  

Today Milo is a very loving cat who loves to be held and cuddled despite all that he has endured in his early years of his life.  

Milo is an amazing example of how strong some cats are despite all they had to endure before coming to Kitty Haven Sanctuary.

By donating today you can ensure that Milo and the other cats here at the Sanctuary have the medical care and food they need to thrive while they are here at the Sanctuary whether it is for life or a short time until they are adopted.


Donate Today to make a difference in the lives of the cats from Hopeless and Dire Situations here at Kitty Haven Sanctuary and Give them a Second Chance today!

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